Hello, my name is Ayten.

My name is Ayten Salahi, and I am on a mission to heal people and the planet through food.


I began my career as a researcher, volunteer, and medical observer at the Duke University Medical Center, where I studied the neurobiological pathways involved in mind-gut pathologies and observed world-class practitioners providing advanced care to high-acuity patients. Following my time at Duke, I continued my professional development as a Clinical Research Specialist examining the effectiveness of an “artificial pancreas” system to improve glycemic control for patients with type 1 diabetes.


I quickly discovered the ubiquitous role of food and nutrition in producing individual, societal, and environmental health. To align with my passion to use food as a vehicle for both individual and systemic change, I completed a Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programming at Tufts University. During my masters, I worked with the Tufts Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR) and United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Food for Peace to author a field report on methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness of research for international nutrition assistance programs.


Locally, I completed a public health nutrition practicum as a kitchen assistant at Community Servings, preparing medically tailored meals for critically ill patients in greater Boston. During my time at Tufts, I co-founded the Friedman Food Policy Action Council (FFPAC) to advance evidence-based food policies in support of public and environmental health. Inspired by our successes at FFPAC, I subsequently founded the budding international food and climate justice organization, the Planetary Health Collective.


I completed a Didactic Program in Dietetics at Simmons University and will begin my Dietetic Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Fall 2020.